Training Videos and Handouts
Get Current! OSSR Re-Training

This training video focuses on the Onsite Survey Report for the 2015 Standards and Guidelines.  The video includes a presentation as well as several question and answer moments.  

Examples, Writing Rationales

In this handout, there are some sample rationales that work in conjunction with the November 9, Get Current Webinar on Writing Rationales.  The video of that webinar is posted as well for your information.  

MAERB Get Current! Webinar Writing Rationales

This webinar was conducted live on November 9, 2016.  This video recording is designed for those surveyors who were not able to make it.  If you have the opportunity to view the webinar, please help us improve our resources by filling out the evaluation: 

March 16 REQUIRED MAERB Get Current! Webinar

The MAERB is requiring all active Surveyors to review this webinar, and, in order to document your participation in this activity, you will be asked to complete a “quiz” that you will find on the following link:  You  have until May 20th to take this quiz.  It is perfectly acceptable if you take the quiz during or immediately after the webinar. 

November 15 Get Current! MAERB Policies and Procedures Manual

A video of the Self-Study Analysis Webinar that was held in November 2015.  Please provide your evaluation of the program after seeing the video at this link: Evaluation  

June/July 2014 Get Current! Webinar

A PDF of the Get Current! Webinar that was held in June/July 2014

November 2014 Get Current! Webinar Writing Rationales

A PDF of the Get Current! Writing Rationales Webinar.

May 2015 Get Current! Webinar Self-Study Analysis - Recording

A video of the Self-Study Analysis Webinar that was held in May 2015. 

May 2015 Get Current! Webinar Self-Study Analysis

A PDF of the Get Current! Self-Study Analysis Webinar.

Updated OSSR Instructions

A video providing step-by-step instructions for the updated Onsite Survey Report

OSSR Instructions

A PDF of the updated Onsite Survey Report Instructions.

Site Surveyor Tools
Site Visitor Updates
Site Surveyor Applications

MAERB will start accepting applications now, with a deadline for March 30, 2018, for volunteers to serve as MAERB Site Surveyors for site visits beginning in January 2019.  Program Directors of CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting programs are invited to apply; in addition, we ask you to share this information with faculty, administrators, medical assisting practitioners, and physicians, as they are also eligible to apply. 

On the Surveyors Tab of the MAERB website (, you will find an application, which needs to be filled out and submitted to Bethany Hardman ( by April 16, 2018.  There is a required training that will be held at the AAMA Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday, September 17, 2018.  This one-day training is free, but participants are responsible for their own travel expenses, food, and lodging.  Participants in the MAERB Surveyor Training are not required to register for the AAMA Annual Convention. 

Surveyor Application (Updated 3/2018)

The MAERB Office is accepting applications for surveyors.  The applications are due by March 30th, 2018.  

Surveyor Training

To Be Announced